cjp pump 10000Pumps from 10 Hp to 1,000 Hp

Frame Base

Supporting structure made up by sturdy spars reinforced by supporting crossbar with fluid collection basin. It includes eyelets for fixing adjustable supports both longitudinal and vertical, to facilitate the installation of engines, pumps, fuel tank, etc…


Strong structure made up by galvanized steel sheet firmly anchored to the base carrier through bolts and painted with bonder pre-treatments.


Formed by sound-absorbing panels consisting of polyester fibre from 30 mm to 100 mm thickness, fire resistant in class 1

Air Intake

Air intake grill situated in the canopy conceived with dissipative panels that keep in the noise and avoids the rain affecting the internal components of the group.

Air Expulsion

Expulsion grill allows noise reductions and a correct dissipation of hot air.


The wide opening doors allow easy inspection ensuring easy maintenance and repair.


The canopy can be moved using the lifting hooks, either 2 or 4 depending on the model. The base frame has fork lift accesses.


Installed inside the canopy with reduction 35 dBa and equipped with rain cap protection.